Monday, July 9, 2007

Rawson Lake Trail -- Elkwood Campground June 22 - 24 (2007)

by Edith Veenstra

(Originally published July 9, 2007 at 7:40 pm)

What an exceptional weekend! John headed out early to secure a spot at the ever popular Elkwood Campground. He ended up being in one of two sites occupied that Thursday night. We thank him for the effort in finding a most enjoyable site. After the closing assembly at Emily and Gabrielle's school the remaining Veenstra family members headed out and were welcomed by Darryl Darwent and John at campsite #89 (not 29 or 45). The camping weekend began with a great meal and as every camping weekend should, a rousing interpretive show on the Park's birds (Gabrielle contributing as one of the osprey chicks) and smores by the fire.
Lunch at Rawson Lake

We were joined by our fellow hikers, Ruby and Dick Klumpenhower the next morning at the campsite. The hike we decided on was Rawson Lake, familiar to all group members except Darryl. This spectacular, fairly vertical hike (2 km) leads to a wonderfully peaceful lake, and in this early season, snow covered the trails at the top. Rawson Lake & Mt. SarrailTo our great surprise and delight, near the beginning of the hike Edith heard her name being called by another hiker and was greeted by Cheryl Barnard (Emily's Grade 7 teacher). She had planned on joining us at the campground but after navigating unfamiliar roads to arrive in Kananaskis and not remembering the site #, she also chose Rawson Lake Trail to do solo! By God's hand we met at the start of the hike and were able to enjoy the day together. With the help of our 2 way radio game, we climbed to trails end and enjoyed our feast at the the side of the lake gazing at the spectacular view. At day's end, we gathered around the campsite and shared a great meal and humorous conversation. Sunday brought yet another sunny day and Starbuck's coffee once again. The weekend was capped by a scoop of ice cream from the Boulton Creek Camp store. This weekend kindled the excitement for yet more adventures to come this summer!

Group photo at Rawson Lake

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