Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In August (2007) we toured the Stanley Glacier trail in Banff National Park. It was a Saturday when we ventured through the park onto Hwy 93. Travelling from the parking lot we ascended through a fire burn that was awash in blooming fireweed. As we approached the upper trail we had to cross a creek. In plain view we could see the glacier. The closer we approached, a waterfall was sighted. There were several caves, possible grizzly bear dens during the winter, in the high walls above. This moderate hike led to a more challenging moraine where we decided to call it the end of the trail. Leisurely, we strolled back to the creek and enjoyed the sound of the rippling stream. All agreed that this was a most enjoyable hike with the promise of an assortment of candy at the renown Banff candy store!

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