Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to the New Home of GGEHikers!

Welcome to the new home of GGEHikers!

The 2008 hiking season has been a strange one (for some of us). The weather hasn't been the most accommodating since June, and there has been a general busy-ness with our members that not a lot of hiking has occurred with the group. Hopefully, August will be different.

The big news is we have moved our journal over to Blogspot. We did so to make adding post and pictures of our hikes easier to do. We hope to retain some continuity from our old blogging site through retaining some of the stories and images we had over there. These will have their own articles. Please feel free to leave your comments and enquiries about you red here. Have a good hike.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks great! I look forward to posting our new adventures on this site and keeping it as a record of all that we do together and the community that grows from it. Hopefully we can start with a hike on August 9th for all interested and then post the results of that. This was awesome oh master of posting...DD.

From fellow hiker, Edith

Dan said...

Hello Guys, thanks so much for letting us share your walk to Lake Eiffel a couple of weeks ago... saved us from being gnarled by the grizzlies and we met some lovely new people too! Thank you for sharing the toblerone too...

Love from Lizzie and Dan, Oxford, UK.